Hi my name is Eugene!

I started taking photos in 2008, and since then I haven’t really put the camera down. I love taking photos of mostly anything, if only to capture and share memories and experiences for myself and others. Having a love of photography has allowed me to document, create, and capture stories; as well as having another excuse to spend money on shiny toys.

I discovered a love for climbing in 2011, and I’ve started brining the camera along on climbing trips. Something to do on rest days, as well as a way to share the experience and joy derived from climbing to others.

Together with a few friends, there is a company that brings about the spirit of bäm! Bäm a German word that brings about the meaning of ‘awesome’, ‘amazing’, as well as encouragement. It’s a word often shouted at climbing crags in Germany, after something difficult has been achieved and accomplished. Bäm!Climbing is a company created to bring about this spirit, and bring climbing products to the world.


I love meeting new people, so if you do see me at the crag (or you’ve come here because I met you and directed you here…) please do say hi and keep in touch. Facebook or Instagram is probably your best bet.

Oh! I also love making tech things, and have a few start up ideas bouncing around here and there … more on this later.

In a previous life I also started an eSports event company – Australian Pro League, now Oceanic eSports. They’re pretty rad, so if you’re into gaming at all please go check it out.