Happy new 2015 – goals

2015 started off with a bang! ..fireworks, please, people.

And then crowds.
There’s a reason why I’ve never left Milsons Point earlier than 3.

The station closed, and a 15 minute walk, 35 minute queue and 40 minute train ride later I was in bed at 3:30.

But what could be better than climbing on the first day of the new year in the Bluies!

Needless to say, I had all good intentions of getting home by 1:30am for the 6:45am wakeup but I collapsed off the train and into bed a little later than that. The view of the fireworks was good, though. Coffee at Trace’s was the most amazeballs thing to happen. Continue reading

The quest for 21 x 21s

On Saturday the 1st of November, at 4:45 am – my alarm went off letting me know that it was time to commence what I hoped would be a good weekend of climbing. A friend I climb with, Jake, is turning the ripe old age of 21. There seems to be a common thread in climbing how much of “x” can you do by “y”. The two are never related, but seem like quite an adventure.

It seems like every year the Nose in a Day, the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell, or the 30 x 30 (what we based our adventure of) seem to be repeated. But hell with originality, it’s fun to do.

From the car at Mount Piddington. 7:30 am
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