Happy new 2015 – goals

2015 started off with a bang! ..fireworks, please, people.

And then crowds.
There’s a reason why I’ve never left Milsons Point earlier than 3.

The station closed, and a 15 minute walk, 35 minute queue and 40 minute train ride later I was in bed at 3:30.

But what could be better than climbing on the first day of the new year in the Bluies!

Needless to say, I had all good intentions of getting home by 1:30am for the 6:45am wakeup but I collapsed off the train and into bed a little later than that. The view of the fireworks was good, though. Coffee at Trace’s was the most amazeballs thing to happen.

It’s a little cliché to do resolutions, and I don’t really have much that I’d want to change that drastically.

Climbing goals:

  • 10 x 24s (1 down 9 to go!)
  • Fill out the pyramid and tick the rest of this list of 22, 23s that I started and never finished
  • Make a climbing movie
  • Become a better all-rounded climber – trad, boulder
    • More experience with trad climbing, and crack climbing
    • Boulder something cool – this one seems pretty debatable
    • Ice ice baby (Stretch. I don’t think I have any holiday plans (yet!) or enough leave to go to somewhere cold)
  • Ticking a 25 would be nice. Stretch goal of >1 25.
  • Travel.

Trying Hard

Day 1 of the new year was super awesome, we went down to the Lower Zap! Crag, and I had an awesome toprope of a 25. It was awesome to feel like the training was paying off, and I was able to pull off all the moves with a few rests 😀

I’d like to continue this through 2015, gonna be the year of trying hard and pushing myself.

(Not actually me pushing myself, but rather @ausrockhugger; but imagine me there, pulling hard on things and sticking the hold)

Pretty happy with my efforts on the 3rd on Good Big Dog at the Freezer, ticking it third shot! …which should have been second if I followed the beta I worked out …oh well! Tick nonetheless! 1 down, 9 to go.

Meeting people

I met a bunch of amazing people over the Christmas/New Years trip, from all walks of life. Climbers are a mostly friendly bunch, and I’m glad to have met them all! In addition to all the new people, it was also awesome to catch up and climb with existing friends. Here’s to a 2015 filled with good friends, soft catches, no injuries, and lots of adventure.


Finally, travel. I’d like to get out there and go places. Exploring all these new crags in the Blueys has been awesome (I’ve finally been to every crag in the “Selected Blue Mountains 2011” guide!! – thanks Jeff for being the approachmaster). But there’s so much more; different types of rock; different countries. For climbing and for work, it would be awesome to go see new things and meet new people.

Looking forward to the Easter Grampians/Arapiles trip, followed quickly by the HK/Europe trip to catch up with some old friends and family!


So now that’s there (and if you’ve bothered to scroll this far) – what are your goals for this year?

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